Perry Barr Railway Station and Bus Interchange

Perry Barr Station Entrance Visualisation

Status: In development

Investment cost: £30.9 million

Delivered by:  West Midlands Rail Programme

Benefits: Improves access and links to the station and nearby transport links, provides better station facilities, increases capacity at the station and improves safety in the surrounding area.

Project updates

Last updated: March 2021

Work is taking place to prepare the new railway station site for construction, which is due to start in Spring 2021. Full planning permission was granted on 4 February.

Outline planning permission was granted for the bus interchange and the detailed design phase will begin shortly.


The station was rebuilt in the 1960's to accommodate up to 250,000 trips per annum. In 2018/19, just under 700,000 passenger journeys were made.

The current station suffers from poor access via a narrow entry between shops and there are no lifts to the platforms.

The station lacks facilities, such as public toilets and secure cycle parking.

The underpass, which connects the station to the east of the A34, is uninviting and people have safety concerns.

The bus interchange is outdated and challenging to access from the railway station, with pedestrians needing to cross several traffic lanes. The current road layout also means it takes longer than it could for buses to access the interchange.


The redevelopment of the railway station will include:

  • A new larger station building with improved lighting and facilities, including a waiting area, an accessible toilet, CCTV and passenger help points.
  • Lifts to both platforms and upgraded stair access.
  • A new booking office and station concourse.
  • Improved access to the north and south of the station with entrances on both sides and landscaping of the public area outside the building. This will link the One Stop Shopping Centre and local commercial centre to either side of the railway.
  • Secure cycle parking.

The redevelopment of the bus interchange will include:

  • A pedestrianised public area between the railway station and One Stop Shopping Centre.
  • An improved layout so buses can access it more quickly.
  • New bus shelters.
  • New stop for the proposed Sprint bus service.


  • The new railway station building will be more attractive, easier to locate and well-lit.
  • It will be easier to access the platforms, particularly for mobility impaired rail passengers, because of the installation of lifts and upgraded stairs.
  • The redevelopment will encourage sustainable travel through the improved travel experience and ease of switching between different modes of transport, including access to secure cycle parking near the station.
  • The area near the station will be made safer from the removal of the A34 underpass. The surrounding will also be landscaped to make it more appealing.

Perry Barr regeneration programme

The project is part of the Perry Barr regeneration programme, a £500 million+ investment in Perry Barr led by Birmingham City Council. The programme will see the delivery of new homes, improvements to public transport, walking and cycling routes, new community facilities and lively public spaces to make it the most well-connected area in the region.

Find out more on the Birmingham City Council website.